Observatoire de L'Industrie

Economy Watch

This section depicts trends in major economic variables pertaining to the global economy. It provides data on regional economies and compares the performance of Mauritius on the international scene based on various indicators.

Starting A Business

This section provides data on business start-ups and expansion in Mauritius as well as varying support schemes and services available to operators.

Market Intelligence

This section relates to the gathering and analysis of information in markets of specific advanced, emerging and regional economies.


Mauritius enjoys preferential access in the U.S market through the AGOA, Turkey through an FTA as well as to many African countries through membership of the COMESA and the SADC.

Sustainable Development

Government is emphasising on sustainable development from a long term perspective. This section is dedicated to the concept of “Maurice Ile Durable”, the Carbon Credit Mechanism, Carbon Footprint as well as Environmental Standards.

Global Competitiveness

This section provides a summary of the Global Competitiveness Report of World Economic Forum, comparing performance of Mauritius with selected countries.

Industrial Statistics

Trade Flows

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Sectoral Briefs

Lingerie, Underwear and Swimwear Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry

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Last Update July 2018

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Welcome to the "Observatoire de L'Industrie" of Mauritius

Knowledge is a crucial resource to business operators and policy-makers for informed decision-making. Organisations must indeed optimise on information as part of their strategy to achieve and exceed performance objectives. They have no choice but to keep abreast of new developments in this era when information is travelling at the speed of light and when the world economy has definitely graduated into a global village. However, the business community and policy-makers have time constraint to access relevant, up-to-date and pertinent information, which are dispersed and often in complex formats.

In this context, the Government Programme 2010-2015 and the Industrial Strategic Plan 2010-2013 provided for the setting up of an Observatoire de L'Industrie. The objective is to bridge this information gap by scanning the domestic, regional and global business and economic environment for information dissemination to business operators, policy-makers, the academia and the public at large.

Overview of the Observatoire de L'Industrie




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