Economy Watch

Benchmarking Mauritius with Key competitors

2017 Index of Economic Freedom


The 2017 Index of Economic Freedom covers 180 countries. Twelve components of economic freedom are measured for each country. The 12 components are grouped into four broad categories or pillars of economic freedom:
1. Rule of Law (property rights, government integrity, judicial effectiveness );
2. Government Size (Government spending, tax burden, fiscal health);
3. Regulatory Efficiency (business freedom, labour freedom, monetary freedom);
4. Open Markets (trade freedom, investment freedom, financial freedom).
Each of the 10 components is scored on a scale of 0 to 100.


Strengths of Mauritius (Scores obtained in selected indicators)


The ranking of some countries of interests to Mauritius are:


Logistics Performance Index: Ranking and Scores


Logistics Performance Index overall score reflects perceptions of a country’s logistics, based on efficiency of customs clearance process, quality of trade and transport-related infrastructure, ease of arranging competitively priced ships, quality of logistics services, ability to track and trace consignments and frequency with which shipments each the consigned within the scheduled time. The index ranges from 1 to 5, with a higher score representing better performance.


Lead time to Exports (2016)

Lead time to export is the median time (the value for 50 percent of shipments) from shipment point to port of loading


High-Technology Exports (% of manufactured exports) for 2016

High-technology exports are products with high R&D intensity, such as in aerospace, computers, pharmaceuticals, scientific instruments, and electrical machinery.