Starting and planning a Business in Mauritius

Doing Business in Mauritius

Major procedures to follow when setting up a business in Mauritius

Individual Business Entity






Regulated Activities

Investment by Non -citizens


Occupation permit (OP) can be granted to non-citizens applying as investors, self employed and professionals. Criteria for registration are:

Investing in the tourism sector


The Tourism Authority regulates activities in the Tourism sector, as follows:

•Issues licenses for the regulation of the tourism industry;
• Establishes standards, guidelines and code of practice;
• Monitor compliances with established standards, guidelines and code of practice.


Among the licenses regulated by the Tourism Authority, there are:-

Tourist Enterprise License (TEL)

A Tourist Enterprise License is issued to an enterprise which is an establishment or activity run or carried on for the purpose of providing services or goods to tourists for reward, whether monetary or otherwise.

Pleasure Craft License (PCL)

A Pleasure Craft is issued to a vessel used for the recreation or pleasure of the person carried thereon; and includes a recreational platform or floating craft.
It is important to note that there are restrictions on foreign investment for some types of activities/enterprises such as pleasure craft (commercial use), tourist accommodation (non-hotel sector), nautical activities, etc.
For additional information and a list of businesses which need a Tourist enterprise license please contact the:

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