Starting and planning a Business in Mauritius

Support Services to Industry Sector


Enterprise Mauritius (EM)

EM has been restructured and has shifted its focus. EM, as a gatekeeper for export, it will henceforth focus on export promotion and development of new markets, particularly in Africa and emerging economies, with the following strategic goals:-
  • The optimisation of export opportunities, regionally and internationally
  • Assisting enterprises to transition from a local market orientation and position them in new markets
  • Facilitate development of new sectors

Major activities of EM will be:-

1. Consolidation of export markets

  • Participation in trade fairs
  • Contact promotion programme
  • Inward Buying Mission

2. Market diversification within Europe

  • Inward Buying Mission
  • Participation in trade fairs

3. Market diversification in emerging markets and new markets (Indian Ocean Commission markets)

  • Participation in trade fairs
  • Market Surveys
  • Road Shows

4. Market diversification in regional markets

  • Buyers-Sellers Meetings
  • Market Research

5. Organisation of the Origin Africa and the Jewellery Fair (Eclat Tropical)

Mauritius Standard Bureau


MSB has adopted an integrated approach to standardisation, responsible for standards formulation and is the national focal point for Metrology, Standards, Testing and Quality Assurance (MSTQ) services in Mauritius.

The major services provided by the MSB are:

  • System Certification and Product Certification
  • Testing facilities
  • Calibration services
  • Training in the field of Standards and Quality

1. System certification services


2. Product Certification Mark Scheme: The Mauricert Scheme

The Mauritius Standards Bureau also operates a Product Certification Mark scheme, known as the Mauricert scheme, to certify products that comply with relevant Mauritian standards and are manufactured under an approved quality plan. A licence is obtained after assessment of effective implementation of the quality plan and testing to ensure that products have met relevant standards, developed by the MSB.


Testing facilities

Testing facilities in the following fields:

1. Civil Engineering.
2. Electronic and Electric Engineering.
3. Mechanical engineering.
4. Non-destructive Testing.
5. Food and Agriculture.
6. Chemical Engineering.
7. Microbiology.
8. Fibre and Textile Engineering.

A wide range of products are tested by MSB laboratories and include : food products (water, rice, flour, fish, frozen food, canned food…), building materials (concrete, cement, steel bars, aggregates, electric cables…), electrical devices and appliances, industrial chemical products (soap, detergents, paints, steel, plastic and rubber products, petroleum products, galvanized products, fertilisers...), textiles products (fibre, yarns, fabrics and garments), paper, leather and footwear products, toys, fireworks, etc.

Calibration services

The Metrology Division, as the custodian of the National Standards of measurement for Mass, Pressure, Force, Length, Temperature, DC voltage and Resistance, promotes good measurement practices in industry, with emphasis on traceability to international standards.
The Division also offers a wide range of calibration services, which are traceable to international standards and highly reliable.
In 2010, the MSB became an Associate Member of the CGPM (Conférence Générale des Poids et Mesures) of BIPM, the International Bureau of Weights and Measures.

Further information on MSB is available at:
- , Tel – 433 3648 , Fax – 433 5051
- Business Development Division.
- Documentation and Information Centre.



MAURITAS operates under the aegis of Ministry of Industry and Commerce. It provides accreditation services for testing and calibration laboratories, certification and inspection bodies and recognises formally their competence to carry out their specified tasks.

Assay Office


The Assay Office was established in 1993 to regulate the production, imports and sales of gold jewellery.
As from 9 May 2008, the Assay Office extends its scope to regulate and control silver and platinum jewellery, and precious and semi-precious stones.
The Assay Office operates two laboratories:

  • Assay Laboratory, for the assaying of gold, silver and platinum jewellery and their alloys.
  • Gemmology Laboratory, for verification and grading of precious and semi-precious stones.


  • Testing of gold, silver, platinum jewellery and their alloys for jewellers, government institutions and the public;
  • Verification and identification of precious and semi-precious stones for jewellers, Government institutions and the public;
  • Registration of jewellers dealing in gold, silver, platinum jewellery and precious or semi-precious stones;
  • Registration of sponsor’s marks, identification marks and importer’s marks for jewellers;
  • Conduct inspection visits to ensure compliance with the Jewellery Act 2007;
  • Provision of relevant literature on jewellery;
  • Investigation of complaints from public.

Legal Metrology Services



  • ensures that weighing and measuring instruments used in trade and industry are accurate and traceable to international standards.
  • calibration service on request to local industries in the fields of mass, volume and length measurements
  • calibrate diesel meters used by industries for duty concession by the Mauritius Revenue Authority and Storage tanks for the distillery and beverages industry.
  • Undertake control of prepacked goods to ensure that they are properly labelled and contain the quantity declared on the packages.


The Legal Metrology Services has been certified to ISO 9001:2008 and its mass laboratory has been accredited in 2010 to meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

The Legal Metrology Services has been offering verification services nearer to the doorstep of traders through the operation of a mobile verification unit. These services are offered at different districts at specific periods of the year.