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Technical Textiles



Uses of Technical Textiles

Technical textiles are used in diverse industries such as in aero space, railways, construction as well as in other industries due to technological advances.
Some examples are as follows:-

Depending on the product characteristics, functional requirements and end-use applications, the highly diversified range of technical textile products have been grouped into 12 sectors application wise:

End use application wise segments of technical textiles


Major Technical Textile Products

There are more than 200 products classified as technical textiles. Some examples of day-to-day use of Technical Textile products are given below:



International Scenario

The world market for technical textiles was estimated to be around 19.68 million tonnes with a value of US$ 107 billion during 2005 and this is expected to increase to 23.77 million tonnes with a value of US$ 127 billion by 2010.

The drivers for future growth of this industry are expected to be Asian countries like China and India.

Segment-wise market size of technical textiles


Fibre consumption in technical textiles

Technical textiles are predominantly man-made / inorganic fibre/yarn based because of inherent advantages of strength and versatility of such fibre/yarn and this trend is expected to continue in future also as per details given below:



Product wise consumption of technical textiles

Technical textiles are consumed in the form of unspun fibres, yarn and in the fabric form. However, the major consumption is in the form of fabric at 67%, unspun fibres at 24% and remaining 9% in yarn type products. The examples of fibre, yarn and fabric type products of technical textiles are given below:

Examples of technical textile products


Main Users of Technical Textiles in India – Product Wise



Product development and innovation in Technical Textiles