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Procedures to follow when exporting


Contact details of Customs Department:


Main documents required by Customs Department



Other main Documents for Export required by Customs Department

The main documents that are relevant to the exporter are:

Additional Information can be found here.


Acquiring Export Permits & Certificates (AGOA, COMESA, GSP, Kimberley Certificate, VISA Certificate & Non-preferential certificate of origin)


For the exception of a few controlled items, exports of all items can be done freely.

Procedures to follow to obtain Export Permit for Controlled Items

The contact detail of the relevant department is as follows:-




Procedures to follow:-


Joining Trade Net Phase 5 system

In order to apply for the import permit, the following Trade Net users can be contacted:-

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Documents required for Imports by Customs Department

The following documents are required at importation:

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Main Documents required for Import by Trade Division for controlled goods


Acquiring Import Permits

An application for an import permit must be made at the Trade Division of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection:



Guidelines for the submission of applications for Import permits: Please click here.

For a comprehensive list of Controlled Goods, please click here.

For a comprehensive list of Prohibited Goods, please click here.

Contact Persons at the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection are:-

Officers Phone Numbers Fax Numbers & Email address
Director of Trade +(230) 201 1072 +(230) 208-7325
Principal Trade Analyst +(230) 208 7170 +(230) 208 7171 +(230) 208-5250
Ag Senior Commercial Officer +(230) 208 5255 Email:
Assistant Commercial Officer +(230) 211 5351  
Higher Executive Officer +(230) 208 5251 Email:


Major modes of payments when importing

a) By Letter of Credit L/C or documentary credit
Payment is made to the seller, through a bank which guarantees payment. Money is transferred by the bank after receiving conformation that the goods have been shipped

Depending on the agreement with the supplier, the L/C can either be sight or usance, revocable or irrevocable, confirmed or unconfirmed.

Under a sight L/C, payment for the goods is made upon presentation of the documents from the supplier through the banker regardless whether or not the goods have been received.

Under usance L/C, payment is made at a later day, after 30, 60, 90 or 120 days.

A revocable L/C is one which can be revoking even without the consent of the supplier.

A confirmed L/C is one where the bank’s guarantee is conformed by another bank, usually by the bank of the seller

b) By Open Account (O/A) - Payment is made at a later date, usually between 30 to 90 days, depending on the agreement with the supplier.

c) By Documents against Payment (D/P) - Under this mode of payment, payment of the imported goods is effected upon presentation of the import documents by the bank.

d) By Documents against Acceptance (D/A) - Under this mode, the documents are forwarded to the buyer through an appointed bank in his locality and upon his acceptance
e) By Prepayment - Advance payment must be made before supplier ships the goods

Note that the basic import documents consist mainly, but are not limited to, original Bills of Lading (B/L) or Airway Bill; original Commercial Invoice; original Packing List; or any such other original documents which you may require. These documents are necessary so the importer can secure the release of the imported goods from the shipping/airline companies and customs authorities.